WHere to from here?

You're almost ready to dive into the practical application sections of this website. However, before you do, you may need to stop and take a moment to reflect on the information contained in the ethical framework and consider how it applies to your organisation's short-term missions (STM) program or to you as a volunteer.  

We've given you a lot to process, and to assist you, we've developed two reflection tools; one for individuals and one for organisations. We suggest you click on the link most relevant to you and work through that process before going any further.

Before you begin, pray for God to give you wisdom and revelation of His will for your program or situation. 

Once you've completed the reflection, you'll be well positioned to move through the implementation stages involved in planning ethical STM trips. These stages are slightly different depending on if you represent an organisation or are an individual planning on volunteering, so please choose the link most relevant to you.