It's a pivotal time for a conversation about ethics... 


The world is more accessible to us than ever before



Huge numbers of Christians are travelling overseas on short-term missions (STM) trips, offering their:






to share the gospel and improve the lives of:






The potential for impact is huge as volunteers: 

PRINCIPLES copy 2.png

Support local churches

Assist communities

Advocate for lasting change



But the space between the good intentions of teams and volunteers, and the actual outcomes for local communities, is filled with complexity that we need God's wisdom to navigate. 

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If we don't consider these complexities, there is real risk that our good intentions won't translate into good outcomes, we could inadvertently: 

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Distort the gospel

Undermine local ministries

 Harm local communities


We may not even realise that harm's been done. 

It's time to reframe the conversation

 We need to bring the perspectives of local people into the mix, in order to:

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Understand the actual impact of STM and contribute to lasting change & 

prevent harmful outcomes for local communities



We have a responsibility to do everything in our power to bring forth the true gospel.